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Modem Status - Home Modem Status Quick Setup Wireless Setup Utilities Advanced Setup help Monday, August 12, 2013 07:45:10  AM Connection Status LAN Status Routing Table WAN Status Wireless Status LAN Device List Firewall Status Modem Utilization CONNECTION STATUS: Qwest Broadband: CONNECTED 1728/704Kbps ISP Status: CONNECTED Modem Status Qwest Broadband:   CONNECTED Internet Service Provider(ISP):   CONNECTED   Firmware Version:   QT04- Model Number:   2701HG-G Gateway Serial Number:   \ WAN MAC Address:   \ Qwest Broadband:   CONNECTED Downstream Rate:   1728 Kbps Upstream Rate:   704 Kbps ISP Status:   CONNECTED PPP Username:   \ ISP Protocol:   PPPoE ATM Encapsulation:   Bridged LLC Modem IP Address:   \ DNS Address #1:   \ DNS Address #2:   \   Copyright 2008 Qwest Communications, Inc.
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