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Advanced Setup - Security - Firewall Settings Modem Status Quick Setup Wireless Setup Utilities Advanced Setup help Monday, August 12, 2013 07:48:10  AM Blocking/Filtering Services Blocking Website Blocking Scheduling Access Broadband Settings IP Addressing DHCP Settings LAN IP Address WAN IP Address NAT Mapping QoS IP QoS Settings Upstream IP QoS Settings Downstream Remote Management Remote Management Routing Static Routing Security Admin Username and Password Advanced Port Forwarding Applications DMZ Hosting Firewall Settings Firewall Monitor Advanced Firewall Configuration CONNECTION STATUS: Qwest Broadband: CONNECTED 1728/704Kbps ISP Status: CONNECTED Firewall Settings The default firewall security level is set to "Off". Activating the firewall is optional. When the firewall is activated, security is enhanced, but some network functionality will be lost. 1. Set the firewall table below. (optional) NOTE: If a check appears in a box, that service is allowed. Service Service Type Service Port Traffic In Traffic Out HTTP  Web Service  80  HTTPS  Secure Web Service  443  FTP  File Transfer  20, 21  Telnet  Remote Management  23  SMTP  Mail Service  25  DNS  Domain Name System  53  NetBIOS      POP3  Mail Service  110  IMAP  Mail Service  143  NNTP  Newsgroup  119  IRC  Chat Service  113, 194, 1024-1034, 6661-7000  H323  Video  1720  All Other Protocols      Remote Management    66, 1525 5631 TCP/ UDP - 5632 TCP/ UDP    2. Click "Apply" to save your changes.   Copyright 2008 Qwest Communications, Inc.
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