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Firewall - Advanced Settings Site Map Home Summary Firewall Settings Advanced Settings   Edit Advanced Firewall Settings WARNING Modifying the settings on this page can impact the ability of computers on the local network to access your broadband connection. Modifications may also affect broadband-enabled applications and services running on the local network. Settings Security Check to enable the features below: Stealth Mode Block Ping Strict UDP Session Control Inbound and Outbound Control Checking the box allows the associated traffic type through the firewall. Outbound HTTP HTTPS FTP Telnet SMTP DNS NetBIOS POP3 IMAP NNTP IRC H323 All Other Protocols Inbound NetBIOS Instructions Limiting data traffic may disable support for hosted applications that require inbound communications such as Web servers, games, or Internet chat programs. All data traffic will continue to be scanned by the firewall for known hacker attacks. Attack Detection Check to detect the types of attacks below: Excessive Session Detection TCP/UDP Port Scan Invalid Source/Destination IP address Packet Flood (SYN/UDP/ICMP/Other) Invalid TCP Flag Attacks (NULL/XMAS/Other) Invalid ICMP Detection Miscellaneous
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