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Firewall - Edit Application Site Map Home Summary Firewall Settings Advanced Settings   Edit Application Settings Profile Name Enter a name for the application profile that you are creating. Application Name: Definition Choose a protocol and enter the port(s) for this application, then click ADD DEFINITION to add the definition to the Definition List. If the application requires multiple ports or both TCP and UDP ports, you will need to add multiple definitions. Note:   In some rare instances, certain application types require specialized firewall changes in addition to simple port forwarding. If the application you are adding appears in the application type menu below, it is recommended that you select it. Protocol: TCP UDP Port (or Range): From: To: Protocol Timeout (seconds): TCP default 86400 UDP default 600 Map to Host Port: Default = the same port as defined above. Application Type: None (Default) File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Microsoft Games H.323-based Internet telephony IRC (Internet relay chat) server PPTP virtual private network server
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