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Broadband Link - Advanced Settings Site Map Home Summary Details Diagnostics Statistics Advanced Settings   Broadband Link Advanced Settings WARNING Modifying the settings on this page can impact the ability of computers on the local network to access your broadband connection. Modifications may also affect broadband-enabled applications and services running on the local network. Settings DSL and ATM Settings DSL Line Selection: Line 1 (inner pair) ATM Circuit Identifier: VPI: VCI: ATM Encapsulation: Bridged LLC Bridged VC-Mux Routed LLC Routed VC-Mux ATM PVC Search: Enabled Disabled Broadband Network Broadband Connection Connection Type: Direct IP (DHCP or Static) PPPoE PPPoA Routed IPoA PPP Username: Password: Confirm Password: You must enter a username and password and confirmation password if you select PPPoE or PPPoA PPP on Demand: Minutes Entering a value of zero enables a connection with no timeout. Hardware Address Override Use the built-in hardware address. Override the built-in hardware address: Hardware Address: Hostname Override Hostname: Broadband IP Obtain IP address automatically. Manually configure IP address settings: IP Address: Subnet Mask: Default Gateway: Broadband DNS Obtain DNS information automatically. Manually configure your DNS information: Primary Server: Secondary Server: Domain Name: Upstream MTU Force Upstream MTU:
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