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Home Network - Advanced Settings Site Map Home Summary Wireless Settings Advanced Settings   Edit Advanced Home Network Settings WARNING Modifying the settings on this page can impact the ability of computers on the local network to access your broadband connection. Modifications may also affect broadband-enabled applications and services running on the local network. Settings Private Network If you change the IP address range, you must renew the DHCP lease on all devices on the network. / (Telstra default) / / Configure manually Router Address: Subnet Mask: Enable DHCP First DHCP Address: Last DHCP Address: Default DHCP Pool Set DHCP Lease Time: hours Public Routed Subinterface Enable Check ENABLE to create a route from the Internet to the public network specified below. Router Address: Subnet Mask: Auto Firewall Open Default DHCP Pool Public Proxied Subnet (NAT/Routed) Enable This value will determine the public addresses available for using applications with your home network devices. This information is provided by your ISP Broadband Network: / Subnet Mask: Auto Firewall Open Default DHCP Pool Display Settings Show inactive devices in network list Current Settings Private Network Router Address: Subnet Mask: DHCP Range: - Allocated: 10 Available: 127 Device List
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