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Home Services Settings Site Map System Info Broadband LAN Firewall Logs Diagnostics Status Wireless Wired Interfaces DHCP IP Address Allocation Statistics Warning Modifying the settings on this page can impact the ability of devices to access your private network. DHCP Configuration DHCP Network Range If you change the IP address range, you must renew the DHCP lease for all devices on the network. / (default) / Configure manually Router Address Subnet Mask First DHCP Address Last DHCP Address DHCP Lease Time hours (24 hours default) Select Default Address Allocation Pool for the DHCP Server Warning: This selection modifies the default LAN network used by the DHCP server for address assignments to new devices. The default setting is Private Network. Change it only to Public Network when you want every new device getting a public address assigned. The recommendation is Private Network. You can change the setting for each individual on the 'IP Address Allocation' page. New Device DHCP Pool Private Network
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