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Home Services Settings Site Map System Info Broadband LAN Firewall Logs Diagnostics Link Test Link Tree DSL IP Utilities NAT Syslog Resets Warning Resetting or rebooting may take several minutes before broadband service is restored. System & Link Resets Clear Device List Clears the device list. Devices will be re-listed as the system rediscovers them. Clearing the device list deletes many per-device settings you may have made (IP addresses, host application mappings, etc). It is recommended you only do this when instructed to do so by customer care. Reset IP Refreshes the Broadband IP Address Reset Broadband Reestablishes your broadband link (physical and logical) Reboot System Reboots your system Configuration Resets Wireless Configuration Reset Resets the wireless AP settings on the gateway to factory defaults Firewall Configuration Reset Resets the firewall configuration to factory defaults Reset to Factory Default State Warning Resetting the system to the factory default state may cause your broadband connection to not function properly and may require reconfiguration of the system to reconnect the broadband service. Reset to Factory Default State Erase all saved changes and revert all configuration parameters to their default state.
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