Advanced - Security for the 3Com 3CRWDR101E-75Router Sceenshot

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Advanced Security Static Routes RIP DDNS SNMP Syslog ProxyArp QoS Settings Traffic Mapping     NAT ON   OFF NAT --> Disable NAT ON   OFF IPSEC NAT-T Pass through --> Enable IPSEC NAT-T Pass-through   Universal Plug and Play ON   OFF Universal Plug & Play --> Enable Universal Plug & Play   WAN Ping Blocking Block ICMP Ping   MSS Clamping Enable MSS Clamping   Remote Administration Remote management allows you to manage the Router from anywhere on the internet. Before you enable remote management, 3Com advise you to change the Administrator password. To remotely manage the Router, the remote user should type into their browser. http://<Router WAN IP address>: --> Disable Remote Administration Enable administration from a single Internet Host   Host IP Address:  . . . Enable administration from a whole Subnet Internet Host   Host Network Address:  . . .   Subnet Mask:  . . . Enable administration from any Internet Host. Port for remotely manage the router: Copyright (c) 2006  3Com Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
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