Firewall - SPI for the 3Com 3CRWDR101E-75Router Sceenshot

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Firewall_Security Firewall   PC Privileges     URL Filter     Content Filter     Server Control      SPI Special Applications Virtual Servers DMZ Schedule Rules     Protection Level Firewall level Disable Low Medium High   Alert by e-mail  Your E-mail Address :   SMTP Server Address :   User name :   Password :    Connection Policy  Fragmentation half-open wait :  secs  TCP SYN wait :  secs  TCP FIN wait :  secs  TCP connection idle timeout :  secs  UDP session idle timeout :  secs  H.323 data channel idle timeout :  secs   DoS Detect Criteria  Total incomplete TCP/UDP sessions HIGH :  session  Total incomplete TCP/UDP sessions LOW :  session  Incomplete TCP/UDP sessions (per min) HIGH :  session  Incomplete TCP/UDP sessions (per min) LOW :  session  Maximum incomplete TCP/UDP sessions number from same host :  session  Incomplete TCP/UDP sessions detect sensitive time period :  msecs  Maximum half-open fragmentation packet number from same host :  packet  Half-open fragmentation detect sensitive time period :  msecs  Flooding cracker block time :  secs     Copyright (c) 2006  3Com Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
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