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Status Status ADSL Status ATM PVC Status Routing Table Logs   Traffic Statistics       General Information 3C number 3CRWDR101E-75 Software version 1.00.01 (Egypt) (19 Apr 2007 09:54:10) Boot loader version 0.70.1v2 Wireless version ADSL modem version Hardware version 01 Serial number   Access From The Internet Firewall High Level Universal Plug & Play Disabled Discard ping from the Internet Yes   Internet Settings WAN Connection Type PPPOE Status CONNECTED Internet IP address Subnet Mask ISP Gateway Address 212 Primary DNS Secondary DNS WAN MAC Address   LAN Settings LAN IP address LAN Subnet Mask DHCP Server Enabled DHCP Range - LAN MAC Address   Wireless Settings Wireless Networking Disabled Wireless Encryption WPA-PSK (no server) Channel 11 SSID - 3COM WLAN MAC Address N.A.   Hardware Status Port Speed Duplex LAN Port #1 No Link No Link LAN Port #2 100 Full Duplex LAN Port #3 No Link No Link LAN Port #4 100 Full Duplex Copyright (c) 2006  3Com Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
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