IP Address Filtering for the 8level WRT-150Router Sceenshot

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8level WRT-150 Version: V1.2.19122 Status Quick Setup WPS Settings Network Wireless DHCP Forwarding Security Static Routing QoS Settings Dynamic DNS System Tools Security Settings IP Address Filtering MAC Filtering Domain Filtering IP Address Filtering Status: Enable Disable Filtering Rules: Deny through the router for IP address listed, others are permitted Permit through the router for IP address lsited, others are denied IP Filter List Management Description: Rule: Permit Source IP Address: Protocol and Port: All Days To Block: Everyday Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Times To Block: All Day 00:00-00:00 Items show in every single page 3 0 Total 0 Pages ID Description Source IP Destination Port Protocol Days To Block Times To Block Rule Del IP Address Filtering The "Internet access control" rules are based on source IP, port number and protocol. Follow these steps to set the Internet Access Control: More.....
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