QoS Configuration for the 8level WRT-150Router Sceenshot

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8level WRT-150 Version: V1.2.19122 Status Quick Setup WPS Settings Network Wireless DHCP Forwarding Security Static Routing QoS Settings Dynamic DNS System Tools QoS Configuration Status: Enable Disable Uplink Speed Setup: Automatic Uplink Speed Manual Uplink Speed 0 (KB/s) Downlink Speed Setup: Automatic Downlink Speed Manual Downlink Speed 0 (KB/s) QoS Rule Setting Comment: IP Address: 192.168.1. - 192.168.1. Guaranteed minimum bandwidth: Uplink Bandwidth (KB/s) 0 Downlink Bandwidth (KB/s) 0 Restricted maximum bandwidth: Uplink Bandwidth (KB/s) 0 Downlink Bandwidth (KB/s) 0 Items show in every single page 3 0 Total 0 Pages ID Comment IP Address Guaranteed minimum bandwidth Restricted maximum bandwidth Delete Uplink Bandwidth Downlink Bandwidth Uplink Bandwidth Downlink Bandwidth
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