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>Help>PPP Help --> Log Out --> PPP Connection Help Username: The username for the DSL access. Password: The password for the DSL access. Authenication: Specifies the authenication protocol required to establish connection. On-Demand: Enable on-demand mode. The connection will disconnect if no activity is detected after the specified idle timeout value. Valid Rx: Configurable only if on-demand is enabled. If enabled, PPP link is kept alive for valid packets accepted over PPP link. If disabled, PPP link is kept alive for packets received over PPP link. Host Trigger: Configurable only if on-demand is enabled. Enable/Disable on-demand originated traffic. Configure: Configurable only if on-demand is enabled. Configure on-demand originated traffic based on protocol and port. Idle Timeout: Specifies that DSL should disconnect if the link has no activity detected for n seconds. A non-zero value. Keep Alive: When on-demand option is not enable, this value specifies the time to wait without being connected to your provider before terminating the connection. A non-zero value. Set Defaultroute: Specify connection as the default-route. MRU: Maximum Receive Unit the DSL connection can receive. It is an negotiated value that ask the provider to send packets of no more than n bytes. The minimum MRU value is 128. Enforce MRU: Check this box if you experience problems accessing the Internet over a PPPoE connection. This feature will force all TCP traffic to conform with PPP MRU by changing TCP Maximum Segment Size to PPP MRU. Debug: Enables PPP connection debugging facilities. Connect: Use the current settings to establish a ppp connection. In "On Demand" mode "Connect" takes no action in establishing connection. Disconnect: Disconnects the ppp connection.
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