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>Help>RIP Help --> Log Out --> RIP ( Routing Information Protocol) Help Dynamic Routing uses RIP ( Routing Information Protocol) for exchanging routing information with other routers in the network. The user can set the following parameters: Enable : Enable/Disable RIP Protocol : Choice of RIP version ( RIP v1/v2/Compatibility) Enable Password: RIP version v2/Compatibility allows the user to provide simple plaintext password based authentication to RIP packets. Password : The 16 character long plaintext password. Direction: Normally when RIP is enabled on a router it dynamically learns routes on all it's configured interfaces. This parameter allows the user to select the interfaces on which RIP is expected to learn and distribute routing information. This feature allows the user to control how and which routes get distributed through the network e.g. prevent routes to the private LAN networks from being sent over to the WAN side router. On a per-interface basis the user can choose to a) Both => Receive updates on the interface and also send it's routing table to other routers connected to that interface. b) In => Receive routing updates from other routers connected to that interface but NOT send routing updates on that interface. c) Out => Send routing updates but not receive updates on this interface from the other routers connected to that interface d) None => Ignores this interface and not send or receive routing updates through this interface. Note: If the modem has multiple WAN connections and is expected to learn routes from WAN side routers as well as route traffic between the WAN interfaces then NAT and Firewall services should be disabled on all the relevant WAN interfaces.
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