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>Setup>DATA Setup LAN Setup --> LAN Configuration --> Ethernet Switch --> WAN Setup --> New Connection --> Modem --> DATA   --> IPTV   --> Log Out --> DHCP Connection Setup Name: Options: NAT  Firewall        Type: PPPoE Static DHCP Bridge Sharing: Disable Enable VLAN VLAN ID: Priority Bits: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7   DHCP Settings   Encapsulation:  LLC  VC   IP Address:   Mask:   Gateway: \ Default Gateway:  PVC Settings PVC:  New 0:0 VPI: VCI: QoS:  UBR CBR VBR-nrt VBR-rt PCR:  cps SCR:  cps MBS:  cells CDVT:  usecs --> Auto PVC: Auto Hunt:        sec Point at error markers to see error details -->
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