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>Status>Product Information --> Network Statistics --> Connection Status --> DDNS Update Status --> DHCP Clients --> QOS-TCA NTCA Status --> Product Information --> System Log --> WDS Report --> Log Out --> Product Information Product Information Model Number   RR24APi HW Revision   9415AG Serial Number   Ethernet MAC   :16 DSL Default MAC   :17 DSL MAC0   :18 DSL MAC1   :19 DSL MAC2   :1A DSL MAC3   :1B DSL MAC4   :1C DSL MAC5   :1D DSL MAC6   :1E DSL MAC7   :1F AP MAC0   :20 Software Versions Gateway   3.7.1 ATM Driver DSL HAL DSL Datapump Annex A SAR HAL   01.07.2c PDSP Firmware   0.54 Wireless Firmware Wireless APDK Boot Loader
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