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Channel   VPI  : VCI  : Encapsulation: LLC   VC-Mux Channel Mode: 1483 Bridged 1483 MER PPPoE PPPoA 1483 Routed NAPT: Admin Status: Enable--> Enable   Disable PPP   User Name: Password: Connection Type: Always Connect on Demand Manual Idle Time (min): WAN IP   Type  : Fixed IP   DHCP Local IP Address: Subnet Mask: Remote IP Address: DNS 1: DNS 2: DNS 3: Unnumbered: Default Route: Disable   Enable   Current ATM VC Table     Select Inf Mode VPI VCI Encap NAPT DRoute Status Actions vc0 mer1483 0 100 LLC On On Enable vc1 mer1483 0 33 LLC On On Enable vc2 mer1483 8 35 LLC On On Enable     -->