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SSID : WNAP4G FW Version : R0.03b1-03071503 Wizard Status Basic Network LAN(WiFi) & WAN NAT Routing Client/Server/Proxy Advanced Network Firewall QoS VLAN Green Management Applications Mobile Applications NAS System System Information System Status System Tools Scheduling MMI Advanced Network Firewall - Packet Filters : Allows you to control access to a network by analyzing the incoming and outgoing packets and letting them pass or halting them based on the IP address of the source and destination. - Domain Filters : Let you prevent users under this device from accessing specific URLs. - URL Blocking : URL Blocking will block LAN computers to connect to pre-defined websites. - MAC Address Control : MAC Address Control allows you to assign different access right fordifferent users and to assign a specific IP address to a certain MAC address. VPN-L2TP Client - In order to create virtual private connection via tunneling to remote VPN-L2TP servers. VPN-PPTP Client - In order to create virtual private connection via tunneling to remote VPN-PPTP servers. - Discard PING from WAN side: When this feature is enabled, hosts on the WAN cannot ping the Device. QoS - Scenario Selection : Quality of Service can provide different priority to different users or data flows, or guarantee a certain level of performance. Management - SNMP : Gives a user the capability to remotely manage a computer network by polling and setting terminal values and monitoring network events.
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