Basic Network for the A-Link WNAP4GRouter Sceenshot

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SSID : WNAP4G FW Version : R0.03b1-03071503 Wizard Status Basic Network LAN(WiFi) & WAN NAT Routing Client/Server/Proxy Advanced Network Firewall QoS VLAN Green Management Applications Mobile Applications NAS System System Information System Status System Tools Scheduling MMI Basic Network LAN(WiFi) & WAN - Network Setup : Configure LAN IP, and select WAN type. - Wireless : Wireless settings allow you to configure the wireless configuration items. NAT - Virtual Server : Allows others to access WWW, FTP, and other services on your LAN. Client/Server/Proxy - DHCP Server : The settings include Host IP, Subnet Mask, Gateway, DNS, and WINS configurations. - Dynamic DNS : To host your server on a changing IP address, you have to use dynamic domain name service (DDNS).
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