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SSID : WNAP4G FW Version : R0.03b1-03071503 Wizard Status Basic Network LAN(WiFi) & WAN NAT Routing Client/Server/Proxy Advanced Network Firewall QoS VLAN Green Management Applications Mobile Applications NAS System System Information System Status System Tools Scheduling MMI System System Information - View the system logs. System Tools - Account & Password : Allow you to change system password. - FW Upgrade : Prompt the administrator for a file and upgrade it to this device. - System Time : Allow you to set device time manually or consult network time from NTP server. - Backup Setting : Save the settings of this device to a file. - Reset to Default : Reset the settings of this device to the default values. - Reboot : Reboot this device. - Domain Name or IP address for Ping Test: Allow you to configure an IP, and ping the device. You can ping a secific IP to test whether it is alive. Scheduling - Schedule Rule : Apply schedule rules to Packet Filters and Virtual Server. MMI - Administrator Time-out: The amount of time of inactivity before the devicewill automatically close the Administrator session. Set this to zero to disable it. - Remote Administrator Host: In general, only Intranet user can browse the built-in web pages to perform administration task. This feature enables you to perform administration task from remote host.
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