DSL Settings for the Actiontec GT724WGRouter Sceenshot

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TDS -->     --> Status Quick Setup Wireless Setup Advanced Setup My Network Security Internet Access Control Utilities       Local | Advanced Setup | DSL Settings | DHCP Settings | LAN IP Address | WAN IP Address | QoS Settings Upstream | QoS Settings Downstream | QoS Status | Remote Management | Telnet Timeout Setting | Dynamic Routing | Static Routing | UPnP | USB Port Detection | Time Zone | Remote Syslog Capture | IPTV / Data Port Settings |   DSL Settings This screen will allow you to modify the default DSL settings for connection to your DSL Service Provider. Make sure your settings are correct and click Apply to save your changes. WARNING! Do not change these values until you have consulted with your DSL Service Provider. VPI/VCI Scan List VPI(0 - 255): VCI(32 - 65535): Mode: MMODE T1413 GDMT GLITE ADSL2 ADSL2Plus QoS: UBR CBR VBR PCR:  SCR:  MBS:  CDVT:                                 
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