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Actiontec -->     --> Status Quick Setup Wireless Setup Advanced Setup My Network Security Internet Access Control Utilities       Local | Security | Admin User Name & Password | Firewall Settings | Port Forwarding | DMZ Hosting | NAT |   Port Forwarding When running or accessing certain Internet Applications from your local network, a required port or range of ports specific to the application will need to be opened through the Gateway's firewall. Follow the steps below to open the appropriate ports through the firewall. Step 1. If not already listed, select the PC that will utilize the application. Step 2. Choose the selected application under the Category section below. A default list of available rules specific to that category will be generated. Step 3. In the Available Rules box, select the rule that applies to your application then click Add .(To view the rule settings, highlight the desired rule and click the View Rule button). Step 4. Click the Apply button for the settings to take affect. Note : If the category and available rule is not listed for your application, you can create a rule by choosing the User option under the Category section. This will generate the New , Edit and Delete buttons. Click the New button to create the rule. Once the rule has been created, the ability to Edit or Delete the rule is available by clicking on the appropriate button. PC Name:  Category Available Rules Games VPN Audio/Video Apps Servers User Alien vs Predator Asheron's Call Dark Rein 2 Delta Force Doom Dune 2000 DirectX (7,8) Games EliteForce EverQuest Fighter Ace II Half Life Heretic II Hexen II Kali Motorhead MSN Gaming Zone Myth: The Fallen Lords Need for Speed Porche Need for Speed 3 Outlows Rainbow 6 Rogue Spear Starcraft Tiberian Sun Ultima Unreal Tournment Quake 3 Server Quake 2 Server Unreal Server     >" alt="Add selected rule" size=10 type=button> Applied Rules -->            
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