USB Port Detection for the Actiontec GT724WGRouter Sceenshot

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Actiontec -->     --> Status Quick Setup Wireless Setup Advanced Setup My Network Security Internet Access Control Utilities       Local | Advanced Setup | DSL Settings | DHCP Settings | LAN IP Address | WAN IP Address | QoS Settings Upstream | QoS Settings Downstream | QoS Status | Remote Management | Telnet Timeout Setting | Dynamic Routing | Static Routing | UPnP | USB Port Detection | Time Zone | Remote Syslog Capture | IPTV / Data Port Settings |   USB Port Detection Warning: USB Port Detection is disabled by default. If you enable it, it will disable the USB port if the Ethernet cable is plugged in first, and vice versa. If both the Ethernet cable and the USB cable are plugged in when your Actiontec Gateway is powered on, the USB port will be disabled.  On     Off Click Apply to continue.                                          
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