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Actiontec -->     --> Status Quick Setup Wireless Setup Advanced Setup My Network Security Internet Access Control Utilities       Local | Utilities | Restore Default Settings | Upgrade Firmware | Web Activity Log | System Log | OAM Ping Test | Ping Test | Reboot |   Upgrade Firmware The Upgrade file for upgrading firmware may be obtained here . Step 1 : Please download the Upgrade file and save it to your local hard disk. Step 2 : Use the 'Browse' button to select the Upgrade file. Step 3 :Click 'Upgrade' button to start the Upgrade process. New Firmware Image: IMPORTANT: Please do not refresh or minimize the browser until a successful upgrade message appears. Progress: The upgrade process may take 3-6 minutes. Please read carefully through the following instructions to ensure a successful firmware upgrade: 1 . Please do not RELOAD or CLOSE the browser during the upgrade process. 2 . Do not DISCONNECT your network cable or power off the DSL Gateway during the firmware upgrade process. 3 . Do not run the firmware upgrade if you are connected to the DSL Gateway via WIRELESS . 4 . It is strongly recommended that you STOP any networking activities using the DSL Gateway before starting the upgrade process. 5 . If the firmware upgrade process fails, DO NOT reboot your DSL Gateway. Please run the upgrade program again.  
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