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Actiontec -->     --> Status Quick Setup Wireless Setup Advanced Setup My Network Security Internet Access Control Utilities       Local | Basic Settings Advanced Settings | Connection 1-2-3 --> | Wireless Status | Reboot Gateway |   Wireless Basic Settings If you want to setup a wireless network, we recommend that you do the following: 1. Turn Wireless ON Wireless:   On   Off    2. Change the ESSID setting to any name or code you want. (ESSID is the same thing as the name of your Wireless Network.) ESSID:   3. Channel To change the channel of the frequency band at which the Gateway communicates, please enter it below. Then click apply to save your settings. NOTE: In the United States, use channels 1-11. Channel: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11   4. Click on the button next to WPA-PSK (We recommend using WPA-PSK because it encrypts your wireless traffic.) WPA-PSK   Off     5. Select WPA-PSK String NOTE: To create a Pre-Shared Key, enter at least eight (8) alphanumeric characters in the text box below. Make sure that all of your wireless-enabled devices support WPA and know the Pre-Shared (PSK) to join the network.   -->   Pre-Shared Key (PSK) for Home Network   6. Click Save to save the new wireless settings.   IMPORTANT : In order for every computer to connect to this DSL Gateway wirelessly, you need to make sure that the wireless setup for each computer uses the SAME settings listed above. Please make sure that you write down all of the values set on this screen. -->  
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