Advanced Security Settings for the Actiontec M1424-WR Rev FRouter Sceenshot

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Frontier           Main Wireless Settings My Network Firewall Settings Parental Control Advanced System Monitoring   Main   Wireless Status   Basic Security Settings   Advanced Security Settings   Logout Advanced Security Settings IMPORTANT: For a more secure wireless network use Advanced Security Settings. Level 1: Securing your wireless traffic as it transmits through the air, we recommend you use WPA2 security, unless you experience compatibility issues.   WEP WPA (Allows you to enable a pre-shared key for a home network or more advanced security for an enterprise network) WPA2 (An enhanced revision of WPA providing stronger security settings) Level 2: Stop your router from broadcasting your Wireless Network Name (SSID)   SSID Broadcast (Allows you to prevent users who do not know your SSID name to access your router wirelessly.)   Level 3: Limit access to certain wireless devices   Wireless MAC Authentication (Allows you to limit access to your wireless network by allowing only those devices with specific MAC addresses.)   802.11b/g/n Mode (Allows you to limit access to your wireless network based on the type of technology.)   Other Advanced Wireless Options  
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