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Verizon         Main Wireless Settings My Network Firewall Settings Parental Control Advanced System Monitoring    Main    General    Access Control    Port Forwarding    DMZ Host    Port Triggering    Remote Administration    Static NAT    Advanced Filtering    Security Log    Logout Port Forwarding This feature enables applications (Games, Webcams, IM & Others) by opening a tunnel between remote (Internet) computers and a specific device port inside your local area network(LAN). Create new port forwarding rule: Helpful Hint: Type in the IP Address you want to forward to, or select an already connected item from the list.', this, event, '150px')" onchange="javascript:mimic_button('On Change: local_host_list..')" name=local_host_list> IP Address forward to or select from menu Specify IP IP-STB1 - IP-STB2 - John-PC - Helpful Hint: Choose a pre-configured application from this menu. You can also choose the option Custom ports to create a new application for port forwarding.', this, event, '150px')" onchange="javascript:mimic_button('On Change: svc_service_combo..')" name=svc_service_combo> Application to forward... Custom Ports Show Basic Services Active Worlds Age of Empires I Age of Empires II - Age of Kings Age of Empires III Age of Wonders AIM Talk Aliens vs. Predator America Online (AOL) Anarchy Online AOL Instant messenger Apple IChat Asheron's Call AT&T CallVantage VoIP Phone Service AT&T D-Link DVG-1402M ATA Audio Galaxy Satellite AUTH Baldur's Gate Battlecom Battlefield 1942 BAYVPN Black and White Blizzard Battle.net Buddy Phone C &C (Command and Conquer - Generals, Zero Hour) Calista IP phone Call of Duty Camerades CarbonCopy32 Citrix Metarame (ICA Client) Citrix Winframe Server City of Heroes Civilization 3 Civilization 4 CivNet Client Hotline Counter Strike CU II Version 3 CuSeeMe Dark Reign Dark Reign 2 Decent Freespace Deerfield MDaemon Email Server Delta Force Delta Force - Land Warrior Delta Force 2 Delta Three PC to Phone Descent 3 Descent Freespace DHCP ALG Diablo II Diablo, StarCraft (Battle.net) DialPad Direct Connect DirectX Games DNS DNS ALG Doom (I / II / III) Drakan Dune 2000 Dungeon Siege Dwyco Video Conferencing EGN V2.0+ Elite Force Everquest Everquest 2 F-22 Lightning 3 F16 F22 Raptor Falcon 4.0 Fighter Ace Beta Fighter Ace II Fighter Ace II DX Play Flight Sim Freetel FTP FW1VPN GameSpy Arcade Ghost Recon / Ghost Recon Desert Siege Gnutella Server Go2Call Guild Wars H.323 H.323 Call Signaling H.323 RAS Half Life Half Life 2 Half Life Server Heat.net Heretic II Hexen II HomeWorld Hot Pursuit Hotline Client Hotline Server HTTP HTTP Secondary HTTP Web Access HTTPS HTTPS Secondary IBS ICQ ICUII Client ICUII Client Version 4.xx IKE IMAP Internet Phone IPhone IPSec IRC Iris Phone 2.5 IStreamVideo2HP iVisit KALI KaZaA Kohan Immortal Sovereigns L2TP Laplink Limewire LIVvE Lotus Domino Mechwarrior 3 Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Microsoft Direct Play Microsoft Windows Network / Samba Midtown Madness MIG 29 mIRC Chat mIRC DCC / IRC DCC mIRC IDENT Motorcross Madness Motorhead Server Mplayer Games Network MSN Game Zone MSN Game Zone (DX 7 & 8 Play) Myth (Bungie.net, Myth II) Napster Need for Speed Need for Speed 3 - Hot Pursuit Need for Speed 5 (Porsche) Net2Phone NetMech NetMeeting Netrek NetStorm NNTP Nox NTP OKbridge OKWeb OKWin Operation Flashpoint Outlaws Pal Talk PCAnywhere Host PCAnywhere Remote PCAnywhere v7.5 PCTelecommute PhoneFree Ping Play-Station2 Polycom ViaVideo H.323 POP3 PowWow PPTP Quake Games QuakeII QuakeIII QuakeWorld Quicktime / Real Audio Client Quicktime Server RAdmin (Fama Tech) Rainbow Six RDP RealAudio Red Alert Remote Anything Remote Desktop Remote Desktop 32 Remote Management Remote Management SSL Remotely AnyWhere Remotely Possible V3.2a Return of Castle Wolfenstien Rise of Nations Rise of Rome RLogin, RCP Roger Wilco Rogue Spear RTSP Scour Media Server Hotline Shiva VPN Shout Cast Server SIP Sling Box SMTP SNMP Soldier of Fortune Speak Freely SQL-Net Tools Server SSH Starfleet Command Starsiege Tribes Server SunRocket VoIP Phone Service SWAT3 Talkd Tanarus Team Speak Telnet Telnet Secondary Telnet SSL TFTP The 4th Coming Tiberian Sun Timbuktu Pro Total Annihilation Traceroute Ultima Unreal - Master Server List Unreal Tournament 4 Unreal, Unreal Tournament USENET News Service VDO Video Ventrilo Virtual Network Computing (VNC) VNC VoiceWing VoIP Phone Service Vonage VoIP Phone Service VoxChat VoxPhone Warbirds 2 Web Server Webcam (TrueTech) Webcam32 Webforce Compcore MPEG WebPhone Westwood Online Windows 2000 Terminal Server World of WarCraft Worms 2 X Windows XBoX Yahoo Messenger Yahoo Messenger Chat Yahoo Messenger Phone Yahoo Pager ZNES   Applied rules: Networked Computer / Device Protocols WAN Connection Type Status Delete localhost Verizon FiOS Service Tcp Any -> 4567 All Broadband Devices Active Application TCP Any -> 35000 WAN PPPoE Disabled Application TCP Any -> 35001 WAN PPPoE Disabled   Helpful Hint: Select check box to mark the rule for enable.', this, event, '150px')" value=1 CHECKED type=checkbox name=enabled_4> Remote Management TCP Any -> 7020 All Broadband Devices Active Helpful Hint: Select check box to mark the rule for deletion.', this, event, '150px')" value=1 type=checkbox name=4>  
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