Remote Administration for the Actiontec MI424-WR Rev CRouter Sceenshot

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Verizon         Main Wireless Settings My Network Firewall Settings Parental Control Advanced System Monitoring    Main    General    Access Control    Port Forwarding    DMZ Host    Port Triggering    Remote Administration    Static NAT    Advanced Filtering    Security Log    Logout Remote Administration Configure Remote Administration to the router     Attention     With Remote Administration enabled, your network will be at risk from outside attacks.         Allow Incoming Access to the Telnet Server Using Primary Telnet Port (23) Using Secondary Telnet Port (8023) Using Secure Telnet over SSL Port (992) Allow Incoming Access to the Wireless Broadband Router Using Primary HTTP Port (80) Using Secondary HTTP Port (8080) Using Primary HTTPS Port (443) Using Secondary HTTPS Port (8443) Diagnostic Tools Allow Incoming ICMP Echo Requests (e.g. pings and ICMP traceroute queries) Allow Incoming UDP Traceroute Queries  
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