Connection Status for the Actiontec T1200HRouter Sceenshot

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Status - Internet Services - Connection Status Internet Services Connection Status WAN Ethernet Status Routing Table Firewall Status LAN Services NAT Table Wireless Status Modem Utilization LAN Status HPNA Status System Monitor ARP table Interface Statistics Multicast Statistics System Log Connection Status Parameter Status Broadband: Connected Internet Service Provider (ISP): Connected Firmware Version: Model Number: Serial Number: WAN MAC Address: N/A Downstream Rate: N/A Upstream Rate: N/A PPP User Name: N/A ISP Protocol N/A Encapsulation: N/A Modem IP Address: Lease Time Remaining: ISP Gateway Address: N/A DNS Address #1: N/A DNS Address #2: N/A IPv6 Prefix of Delegated: N/A IPv6 WAN Status: N/A IPv6 WAN Address: N/A IPv6 WAN Link Local Address: N/A IPv6 LAN Link Local Address: N/A IPv6 Unique Local Address: N/A IPv6 DNS Address 1: N/A IPv6 DNS Address 2: N/A   Qwest Broadband: ISP Status:    
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