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Firewall - Firewall Firewall Firewall IPv6 Firewall Port Forwarding Applications DMZ Hosting IPv6 DMZ Hosting UPnP Firewall The default firewall security level is set to NAT Only. Activating the firewall is optional. When the firewall is activated, security is enhanced, but some network functionality will be lost. 1. Select IP addressing type. IP Addressing Type: Dynamic IP    Block Static (Unnumbered Mode)   1. Select the WAN PING block mode. When enabled, the modem will not respond to all pings from WAN side.    WAN PING block mode: Enable Disable 2. Select IP addressing type.     Apply rule to: All Dynamic IP Addresses All Static IP Addresses 3. Set the Firewall Security Level.    NAT Only    Low    Medium    High   4. Set the firewall table below. (optional) Note: If a check appears in a box, that service is allowed. Service Service Type Service Port Traffic In Traffic Out DirectX Multimedia Control 2300-2400, 47624, 2300-2400 UDP, 6073 UDP DirectTV STB 1 Multimedia Service 27161-27163 DirectTV STB 2 Multimedia Service 27171-27173 DirectTV STB 3 Multimedia Service 27181-27183 DNS DNS 53 DNS QWEST DNS QWEST port 53 to/from Qwest anycast addresses, FTP File Transfer 20, 21 FTPS Secure File Transfer 990 H323 Video 1720 HTTP Web Service 80 HTTPS Secure Web Service 443 ICMP Echo Request Web Service N/A ICMP Echo Reply Web Service N/A ICMP TTL Expire Web Service N/A ICMP Trace route Web Service N/A IMAP Mail Service 143 IMAPS Mail Service 993 IPP Remote Printing 631 IPSEC VPN Service 50, 51-500 UDP IRC Chat Service 113, 194, 1024-1034, 6661-7000 L2TP VPN Service 1701 UDP MSN Gaming Gaming Service 28800-29100 TCP/ UDP MySQL Database Management 3306 NNTP Newsgroup 119 NTP Newtork Time 123 Oracle SQL Database Management 66, 1525 PC Anywhere Remote Management 66, 1525 5631 TCP/ UDP - 5532 TCP/ UDP PPTP VPN Service All GRE, 1723 POP3 Mail Service 110 POP3S Secure Mail Service 995 PS2 / PS3 Game Console 4658 TCP/ UDP, 4659 TCP/ UDP, 3478, 3479, 3658 UDP, 5223 TCP RIP Web Service 520 UDP REAL A/V Audio/ Video 7070 Real Server/ Quick Time Audio/ Video 7070, 6970-7170 UDP SFTP Secure File Transfer 22, 115 SIP Session Control 5060 SlingBox Media Service 5001 SMTP Mail Service 25 SQL Database Management 1433 SSH Secure Remote Management 22 T120 Conferencing Service 1503 Telnet Remote Management 23 VNC Remote Management 5500, 5800, 5801, 5900, 5901 Wii Game Console 28910, 29900, 29901, 29920 Windows Messaging Windows Messaging 1024-1030 Windows Service Windows Service 135-139,445,1434 XBox Game Console 53 TCP/ UDP, 88 UDP, 3074 TCP/ UDP Yahoo Messenger with Client Directory Chat Service 500-5010, 5050, 5100, 6600-6699 All Other Ports Open or close all IP ports not defined in the firewall table. All Undefined Ports   4. Click Apply to save changes. Apply  
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