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Advanced Setup - Security - Applications Firewall Firewall Port Forwarding Applications DMZ Hosting UPnP Applications Applications forwards ports to the selected LAN device by application name. 1. Select Device.    Select Device:    0" name=lan_device> Manually Enter IP Address echo-PC Zachs-iPhone-2 Zach-NewLaptop Cody-PC          Enter IP Address:   2. Select the application category, then the application to forward.       Application Category: All Games Game Consoles VPN Audio/Video Apps Servers User Created Rules       Applications: Alien vs Predator Asheron's Call Dark Rein 2 Delta Force Doom Dune 2000 DirectX 7~8 Games EliteForce EverQuest Fighter Ace II Half Life Heretic II Hexen II Kali Motorhead MSN Gaming Zone Myth: The Fallen Lords Need for Speed Porche Need for Speed 3 Outlows Rainbow 6 Rogue Spear Starcraft Tiberian Sun Ultima Unreal Tournment Quake 3 Server Quake 2 Server Unreal Server PS2 PS3 Wii XBox IPSEC L2TP PPTP DirecTV Receiver Net2Phone Netmeeting Quick Time 4 Server VoiceWing VNC Win2k Terminal PcAnywhere Netbios RemoteAnything Radmin LapLink CarbonCopy Gnutella Web Server FTP Server TELNET Server DNS Server LDAP Server NNTP Server SMTP Server POP 2 Server POP 3 Server IMAP Server IRC Server Lotus Server Remotely Possible Server       3. Click "Apply" to save changes.   Forwarded Applications List:   DEVICE NAME IP ADDRESS APPLICATION FORWARDED EDIT No Entries Defined     View Rule Manager RULE NAME PROTOCOL PORT START PORT END PORT MAP   Create Rule Management 1. Add rule information below. Rule Name: Protocol: TCP UDP TCP, UDP Port Start: Port End: Port Map:   2. Click "Apply" to save changes. User Created Rule List: RULE NAME PROTOCOL PORT START PORT END PORT MAP EDIT No Entries Defined  
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