DHCP Reservation for the Actiontec V1000H - TelusRouter Sceenshot

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Advanced Setup - IP Addressing - DHCP Reservation Blocking/Filtering Services Blocking Website Blocking Scheduling Access IP Addressing DHCP Reservation Security Admin Password Modem Utilities Reboot Restore Defaults Ping Test Traceroute Time Zone DHCP Reservation DHCP reservation leases a permanent DHCP allocated address to a client. 1. Select MAC Address, or manually enter a MAC address. Select MAC Address: Manually Enter MAC Address 18:59:33:00:25:12 f4:5f:d4:e8:14:1a 00:1b:38:a9:25:f1 d0:23:db:45:86:12 7c:ed:8d:b5:80:ce 00:17:fa:d8:af:2c 00:1d:d8:46:8e:e5 b8:8d:12:36:f0:04 00:21:5c:2c:bd:d7 00:11:a3:00:9f:43 Manually Add MAC Address:   2. Select an IP address to associate with a MAC address. IP Address: Manually Enter IP Address Manually Add IP Address:   3. Click "Apply" to save your settings.   DHCP Reservation List Device Name MAC Address IP Address EDIT No Entries Defined  
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