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Actiontec Summary Broadband: CONNECTED Wireless: ENABLED 1 Client Connected System Up Time: 49d, 3h, 51m DSL Link Up Time: 25d, 3h, 9m Product Info Model#: V1000H Serial#: \ MAC Address: \ Firmware Version: 31.30L.55 the property of method must to be set 'post',and must have a button or input which property of type is 'submit'.--> Login to make changes to your router settings Invalid user name and password Username: Password: Login Status You are currently logged in as: admin WAN Connection Status WAN Type: DSL Dynamic/Static: Dynamic Modem IP Address: \ Subnet Mask: Default Gateway: \ Lease Time Remaining: 2M 56S DNS Address #1: \ DNS Address #2: \ Wireless SSID: \ Security: Enabled Security Type: WPA/WPA2-AES Home Network Unknown Connected 100Mbps Full-Duplex Zach-NewLaptop Connected Unknown Connected Firewall UPnP Setting: Enabled Firewall: NAT Only Blocking/Filtering: Disabled Diagnostics - Login Required Ping Traceroute Wireless Reset Device Reboot Factory Reset DHCP Release/Renew