LAN Status for the Actiontec V1000H - TelusRouter Sceenshot

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Modem Status - LAN Status Internet Services Connection Status xDSL Status WAN Ethernet Status Routing Table Firewall Status LAN Services NAT Table Wireless Status Modem Utilization LAN Status LAN Status Interface Port Connection Speed Packets Sent Packets Received Ethernet 1 DISCONNECTED N/A N/A Ethernet 2 DISCONNECTED N/A N/A Ethernet 3 100M 520577011 2521310 Ethernet 4 100M 22111812 19456478 HPNA Parameter: Status HPNA Link Status: CONNECTED Packets Sent: 98307342 Packets Received: 2197439 Interface Hostname MAC Address IP Address Connection Speed Ethernet Unknown 18:59:33:00:25:12 100Mbps Wireless Zach-NewLaptop 00:21:5c:2c:bd:d7 N/A HPNA Unknown f4:5f:d4:e8:14:1a N/A   USB Host USB host port allows for certain devices to be connected directly to your modem. USB Host Connection Speed Device Connected Packets Sent Packets Received EDIT DISCONNECTED N/A N/A N/A