Services Blocking for the Actiontec V1000H - TelusRouter Sceenshot

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Advanced Setup - Blocking and Filtering - Services Blocking Blocking/Filtering Services Blocking Website Blocking Scheduling Access IP Addressing DHCP Reservation Security Admin Password Modem Utilities Reboot Restore Defaults Ping Test Traceroute Time Zone Services Blocking Service blocking provides the ability to block internet services to a specific computer on the network. 1. Select Device.    Select Device:   Enter IP Address:      0" name=lan_device> Manually Enter IP echo-PC Zachs-iPhone-2 Zach-NewLaptop Cody-PC     2. Select service to block.     Web FTP Newsgroups E-mail IM 3. Click "Apply" to save your changes. Service Blocking List   DEVICE NAME IP  ADDRESS Service Blocked EDIT No Entries Defined    
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