Wi Fi Protected Setup for the Actiontec V1000H - TelusRouter Sceenshot

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Wireless Setup - WPS Wireless Settings Basic Settings Advanced Settings WPS MAC address control WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) WPS provides an easy and secure way to establish a wireless network by sharing the wireless key between the modem and wireless client. 1. Set the WPS state.     WPS: Enable Disable   2. Click "Apply" to save your changes. Connecting a device with WPS AP PIN Current WPS AP PIN: \ Click "Generate PIN" button to generate a new AP PIN: Click "Restore Default PIN" button below to restore default AP PIN:     Connecting a device with WPS PBC or End Device PIN Push Button Configuration (PBC)   End Device PIN:          Insert End Device PIN:   The "Connect" button must be pressed within 120 seconds on client WPS device.   WPS Device List: NAME IP ADDRESS WPS TYPE WPS STATE EDIT Motorola Cell PBC Connected Paul Laptop N/A PIN Associating Desktop N/A PIN Incorrect PIN   -->
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