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WR150 (build 6023) - Bandwidth Monitoring WISPR Control Panel Setup Wireless Services Security NAT Administration Status Router WAN LAN Wireless Bandwidth Sys-Info Bandwidth Monitoring - LAN Bandwidth Monitoring - WAN Help Bandwidth Monitoring: The Adobe's SVG plugin is required to display bandwidth graphs. Switch to: Click the label to switch unit (bytes/s or bits/s). Autoscale: Click the label to choose graph scale type. Notes: Please be noted that due to some technical reasons when NAT Acceleration is enabled Bandwidth graphs and stats will not work properly! Firmware: WISPR 2.43 (Oct 20 2011 - SVN: 6023) Time: 23:19:13 up 1 day, 6:18, load average: 0.08, 0.03, 0.00 WAN  IP: \
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