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WR150 (build 6023) - Info WISPR Control Panel Setup Wireless Services Security NAT Administration Status System Information Router Router Name WR150  Router Model @irLAN WR150  LAN MAC \   WAN MAC \   Wireless MAC \   WAN IP \   LAN IP   Switch Port Status Current Port Status       Link Legend    None   100F   100H   10F   10H    Wireless Radio Radio is On   Mode AP    Network Mixed    SSID wr150  Channel 6 (2437 MHz)   TX Power 100%   Rate 150 Mb/s   Wireless Packet Info Received (RX)   Transmitted (TX)   Services DHCP Server Enabled  DHCP Client Enabled  PPPoE Client Disabled  DNSMasq Enabled  WAN Traffic Counter Disabled  Memory Total Available   Free   Used   Buffers   Cached   Active   Inactive     --> Wireless Clients MAC Address Interface Uptime TX Rate RX Rate Signal Noise SNR Signal Quality DHCP DHCP Clients Host Name IP Address MAC Address Client Lease Time Firmware: WISPR 2.43 (Oct 20 2011 - SVN: 6023) Time: 23:17:19 up 1 day, 6:16, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00 WAN  IP: \
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