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Please wait while page is loaded! DMZ Settings Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) feature allows a LAN client's all ports to be accessible from the Internet. To forward all Internet traffic to a certain LAN client, select its IP address from the existing client list and then click Save. To define a new LAN client, click the link named LAN Clients. Enable DMZ LAN Interface VLAN 1 WAN Interface Internet IPTV Management vlan1 IP Address Select one : Select e4:ce:8f:a8:61:6a 00:27:10:af:ee:ec d8:9e:3f:1d:92:96 e0:b9:ba:79:a2:86 c4:17:fe:5c:32:35 d4:20:6d:b9:38:bc 00:23:76:ce:e0:b7 f0:4d:a2:55:f2:c1 Type in :