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Please wait while page is loaded! IGMP Settings To receive IGMP packets, your device should be in "Router" mode and the network interfaces that you plan to use must have IP addresses assigned to them. If the "Quick Leave" option is enabled, the termination of membership to the IGMP multicast group which you no longer want to be a part of will be immediate. Enabling the "Quick Leave" option will increase the quality of IGMP broadcast. The network interface that is defined as "upstream" is the WAN interface through which your router receives IGMP packets. There should be at least one interface defined as "upstream". The "netbit" value for the "Allowed IP Block" must be an integer between 1 and 32. "Rate Limit" is used to control the rate of traffic on a network interface by setting a limit in KBits/s. "Rate Limit" value must be an integer between 0 and 32727. "TTL" value is the number of hops between the network device that receives the IGMP multicast and the clients. In other words, it shows how many hops it will take for the IGMP packets to reach the clients. TTL value must be an integer between 1-255. "The downstream" option allows you to configure settings for the local network that the clients which will receive IGMP packets are connected to. The clients must obtain an IP address from the interface that is designated as downstream. There must be at least one interface defined as "downstream". Enabled Disabled Quick Leave Upstream :  Internet IPTV Management VLAN 1    Rate Limit (kb) :     TTL :  Downstream-1 :  VLAN 1    Rate Limit (kb)      TTL  
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