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Please wait while page is loaded! Port Routing To add a new rule, enter rule name. To specify the LAN client that the rule will be applied, enter an IP address, or select them from the existing client list and then click Add. When you have the client that the rule will be applied, specify the applications that port forwarding will be applied. Your modem can be configured as a virtual server and clients on the Internet can access the services such as web or FTP servers on your LAN using real IP addresses that are forwarded to the local IP addresses of such servers. It can forward incoming packets to an IP address on the LAN based on the protocol and the port number. You can specify a port map using '-' character between two port numbers. Port Map example: 1060-1100. Port Forwarding Enabled Rule Name LAN IP Protocol Type LAN Port WAN Port Enabled LAN WAN Advanced Mode New
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