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Please wait while page is loaded! REPORT On this page, a brief report is printed about the device. DSL Status/Statistics DSL Connection: Connected Upstream Rate(Kb/s): 1196 Downstream Rate(Kb/s): 23197 Mode: ADSL2+ Downstream Attenuation(dB): 0.0 Upstream Attenuation(dB): 2.4 Product Information Model Name: Air5452FT Hardware Revision: AR_1.1.3 Serial Number: \ Ethernet MAC Address: \ DSL MAC Address: \ USB MAC Address : Wireless MAC Address : \ 3G Status 3G: IMEI: PIN Status: Connection mod: Signal Strength: Roaming: Software Versions Firmware Version: DSL HAL: 1.0 AnnexA Datapump: A2pD032c AnnexA AnnexB Datapump: Bootloader Version: UB_1.1.5-AIR_1.0
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