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Please wait while page is loaded! URL Filters To specify the LAN clients that the URL filters will be applied, enter the MAC addresses of the LAN client, or enter an IP address range, or select them from the existing client list and then click Add. When you have all the clients that the URL filter will be applied in the Client List, specify the filters that will be applied. Enabled Url Filter SELECT CLIENT Restricted Client List New MAC Address " type=button> New IP address range " type=button> Existing LAN clients     MAC ADDRESS       IP ADDRESS        NAME \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ " type=button> You can block the access of some of the clients in your network to some Web sites you determine.In this page, you can enter the URL addresses or some portions of the URL addresses of the Web sites that you want to block access to.To block a client in your network in this way, check the 'Block with URL Filters' box in the rule you defined for that client in 'Access Control' page.. Keyword Keyword
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