USB Network and Access Settings for the AirTies Air5452Router Sceenshot

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Please wait while page is loaded! Network and Access Settings Network Settings Workgroup Name Hostname Description Your disk shares will be displayed according to the Network Settings. These shares can be found under the Network Neighborhood in Windows operating systems, under the appropriate Workgroup as shown on the left. There is no USB disk attached to your AirTies gateway. If you attach a USB disk to the USB port of your device, it will be shared here automatically. Global Access Rights Read Only Full Access Not Shared “When a USB storage media is connected, the root of the media will automatically be shared with Full Access rights. This will be valid for all storage media connected to the AirTies gateway, as long as they are ON and active. The Global Access Rights configuration menu controls are applied to all connected USB storage media. Globally, a maximum of 3 connection can be made to the file server in total.”
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