Wireless MAC Filtering for the AirTies Air5452Router Sceenshot

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Please wait while page is loaded! MAC Filtering Through this page you can determine which clients can access your wireless network and block unwanted clients. First enable this feature by selecting 'Enable MAC Filtering'. In order to create a list of blocked clients, select 'Only Block MAC Addresses in the List' checkbox. You can enter the MAC addresses of clients to be blocked either through the 'New MAC Adress' textbox or directly from the 'Existing LAN Clients' list. MAC Addresses should be entered in the '00:23:45:67:89:23' format. Finally save your settings by clicking on 'Save'. If you would like to create a list of only those clients that are allowed to the access the wireless network, make your entries with 'Only Allow MAC Addresses in the List' selected. SSID \ AirTies_Air5452_2 AirTies_Air5452_3 AirTies_Air5452_4 Enable MAC Filtering Just Allow MAC Addresses in MAC List     Just Deny MAC Addresses in MAC List New MAC Address                " type=button>                Existing LAN Clients     MAC ADDRESS                 IP ADDRESS -->            NAME --> \ \ \ \ " type=button> Client List
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