Wireless Mesh Settings for the AirTies Air5452Router Sceenshot

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Please wait while page is loaded! Mesh Settings An active mesh link cannot be set while WPA is enabled. Please modify the security settings prior to enabling a mesh link. Mesh Settings AirTies Mesh Networks Technology overcomes signal attenuation and service area limitation problems that may arise in multiple-storey or reinforced concrete buildings. Mesh enables you to widen your service area with AirTies access point/repeater devices without any need to cables. To create a Mesh, click 'AP Search' button. Your modem is going to begin looking for reachable access points. Enable bridge/repeater connections : Searching APs. Please wait... Neighbouring AP List Add BSSID(MAC Address) SSID Channel Mode Security Signal Level MESH List Status BSSID(MAC Address) Add Connection: Write MAC address in \ format.
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