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Please wait while page is loaded! Wireless Security Choose SSID to apply security ForoyaTele352 + Mesh AirTies_Air5452_2 AirTies_Air5452_3 AirTies_Air5452_4 Security Type :    No Encryption   WEP   WPA/WPA2 Wireless security is not required for access point to operate and is Off by default. If you do not want unauthorized users to connect to your access point or eavesdrop on your wireless communications, it is recommended to use one of WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) or WPA (WiFi Protected Access) wireless security protocols that encrypt your wireless communications. Your modem supports both encryption standarts. WPA is the most secure protocol and is very hard to break. All AirTies products and any wireless client that support 802.11g protocol also support WPA. If some of the wireless clients in your wireless network do not support WPA, then it is recommended to use WEP which is a less secure protocol. Enter at least one password for WEP encryption. Password length should be selected on Encryption Type. HEX type passwords should consist of hexadecimal characters (digits 0 through 9, a, b, c, d, e, f). The encryption supports two authentication modes: open and shared. It is recommended to use open mode. You can enter up to 4 passwords and select any one of them. You have to also enter this password on the wireless clients that will connect to your access point. Authentication Mode : Open Shared WEP Security Type : 64 Bit(HEX): 10 Characters 64 Bit(ASCII): 5 Characters 128 Bit(HEX): 26 Characters 128 Bit(ASCII): 13 Characters Active Key Choose Key 1 2 3 4 WPA is a very secure protocol. On WPA encryption, the encyption key is refreshed periodically and therefore it is very difficult to break. Enter a passphrase from 8 up to 63 characters, and then click Save. You have to also enter this passphrase on the wireless clients that will connect to the access point. If you are interested in using Enterprise WPA (802.1x) authentication, visit our web site http://www.airties.com for more information. Authentication Type : Personal Enterprise Encryption Type : WPA+WPA2 WPA2 WPA Passphrase : Radius Server Ip Address : Port : Secret : Group rekey interval(s) : EAP Reauth Period : Preauth : WPA cannot be selected when there is an active mesh link. Please disable active mesh links before enabling WPA.
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