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AirTies Wireless Networks AirTies RT-211 125Mbps Wireless ADSL2+ 4 Port Router Exit Refresh Homepage ADSL LAN Wireless Firewall NAT Port Forwarding Routing Management DDNS Tools Report Port Routing Your moem can be configured as a virtual server and clients on the Internet can access the services such as web or FTP servers on your LAN using real IP addresses that are forwarded to the local IP addresses of such servers. It can forward incoming packets to an IP address on the LAN based on the protocol and the port number. You can specify a port map using '-' character between two port numbers. Port Map example: 1060-1100 Enter a name for the port forwarding rule you are to define in the Application field. Enter the local IP address of the machine that is going to be reached from Internet in the Target IP Address field. Please select the protocol that the requested application uses (If it is not known which protocol the application uses, it is recommended to select TCP&UDP). Enter the port number(s) the application use(s) in the WAN ports field. Enter the port number(s) that the application is going to use in the local network in the Target LAN Ports field (usually it is the same as the real port(s)). Instead of forwarding a single port, you can forward multiples by specifying them as intervals seperated by '-'. For example to forward all ports between 23 and 80 enter 23-80 in this field. Select from Existing Clients Select from Existing Applications Add > Application Target IP Address Protocol Type WAN Ports Target LAN Ports Enabled Delete Save Cancel
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