DHCP Server for the Allied Data CopperJet 816-2PRouter Sceenshot

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DHCP Server DHCP Server This page allows creation of DHCP server subnets and DHCP server fixed host IP/MAC mappings. You may also enable and disable the DHCP server from here. The DHCP server is currently enabled . DHCP server interfaces Use this section to edit the list of IP interfaces that the DHCP server will operate on. There are currently no IP interfaces listed for the DHCP server. The DHCP server will operate on all interfaces. Add new interface Use this section to tell the DHCP server to operate on another IP interface. New IP interface: ethernet-0 rfc1483-0 Existing DHCP server subnets Enabled Subnet Value Subnet Mask Get Subnet from IP Interface Delete? false true ethernet-0 rfc1483-0 none Advanced Options... Create new Subnet... Help There are currently no DHCP server fixed IP/MAC mappings defined. Create new Fixed Host... Help Copyright (c) 2006 Allied Data Technologies Terms and conditions